·To commission me you must be 18+ years old, or legally adult in your country.
·If you require me to draw characters, you must own or have permission to use said characters. 
·If you want me to draw another person’s character, this person must be aware of this. If this is a gift, you must have proof that this person is your friend/partner/etc, or that this person is ok with receiving gifts.
·Please notify me if you plan to go offline for a long period of time. Otherwise, I'll continue working on your commission but will be unable to show you WIPs for your approval.
·Make sure you're comfortable with my art style. I won't draw in another artist's style.
·I cannot make perfection, what I draw should be considered a representation of your idea, and most of your character's design will be up to my interpretation. Therefore I can't guarantee that the character and its details I draw will be exactly as the one you provide in your reference.

Getting a commission from me:

Follow the guide from where you have seen I'm open for commissions. 

Starting your pic:

I’ll try to come up with some doodles of your idea and I'll show you for your approval. Here you can requests most changes. If you approve the doodle, I'll refine it a bit more and then calculate the final price for your commission.
If you aren't happy with it, you may cancel the commission.


I currently accept Paypal, and Payoneer (Preferred). USD only.
Full payment must be provided after you approve the basic doodle.
Payment can be split if it’s over $200, full picture will be delivered after it was fully paid. (For Payoneer payments only)

Work in Progress and edits:

You will get two work-in-progress snapshots of your commission, one at an early stage, and the second at a near-completion stage.
Please don't ask me about edits, or don't remind me about missing details while I work on it. Wait until you receive the first WiP.
Once you receive your WiP, you may ask for small edits.
Edits are limited to 5.
If I forgot to draw certain details of your character, which were provided in your the references, I'll add them. These edits don't  reduce the amount of edits you can ask. Same goes if you find some random stroke or accidentally erased parts where it shouldn'tbe.
We can always discuss and talk about details that might make you unhappy, and I'll always try to improve things that look terribly wrong.
If details aren’t missing and/or the work is pretty decent for my standards, and you still want me to edit them, I’ll charge you for each edit, starting from $10, depending on how big the edit is. There is a limited amount of extra edits that I'll do, and they are up to me.
Sometimes edits can compromise other parts of your commission, if that's the case, I'll not do the edit.

What you will receive and rights on the finished work:

You will receive a .png image of your commission, on its original resolution, and a half resolution one, in .jpg format.
You can request me to provide the source file (.clip / .psd), if the reason is for personal use, an example would be: making some edits to the final image. I will allow you to share the file to other artists to do the edit if you wish. If the edited image is posted, please make sure you comment that the image was edited and always provide the proper credits.
I retain all the rights to the created artwork. And I may use, post, share, and sell it on other art sites, such as Patreon. 
I don't claim rights on the characters drawn.
You may share and upload your image, even on its original resolution. 
Don't remove the signature or any watermarks. 


I don't really work with deadlines, and even though commissions are my priority, some projects could take me several months up to a year at times. Since art can vary, it will depend on how complex the commission is. So be aware of this. 
In case you need the project to be finished in a certain timeline, do let me know before paying.


Refunds can be requested, but the more work I've completed, the less I can refund.
No refunds if your commission is complete or nearly complete.
However you may request for a full refund If I haven’t finished your commission after a year has passed. Whatever the stage of the commission is, I will give you a full refund. 
Allow me at least two months to provide a full refund.
The work that has been done for your project, maybel be re-used for other projects, or be auctioned in a YCH type commission.
Additionally, If I'm unable to work on your commission anymore, or if I feel that the commission doesn't look good for my standars, I'll provide you a full refund, even if the picture is near completion. 

Last Updated Dec 1 - 2020

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